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February 2018: German Customs Police Seize Counterfeit SD Memory Cards in the Town of Ascheberg

On or about February 7, 2018, German Customs Police conducted a search at the shop of a local retailer in Ascheberg and seized over 1,300 counterfeit SD memory card and adapter sets with an estimated retail value of $26,000 had the products been genuine.

The special investigation was organized and carried out because of German Customs Officers at Leipzig Airport seizing prior shipments of counterfeit SD memory cards involving the local retailer.

On behalf of SD-3C LLC, a criminal complaint against the local retailer has been filed by the German Customs Police and submitted to the Public Prosecutor.

These actions are pending.

SD-3C LLC is dedicated to the enforcement and protection of its intellectual property rights (IPR), and vigilantly protects its IPR from unauthorized use around the world.