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May 2016: Czech Republic Customs Seize 10,000 Counterfeit SD Memory Cards, Estimated Retail Value $400,000

Customs Officials at the Prague Airport confiscated 10,000 units of counterfeit 32GB and 64GB capacity SD memory cards entering the country from Zhejiang, China. Thereafter, SD-3C LLC ("SD-3C") filed a judicial action against the importer, a local company in Prague.

The City Court in Prague then found that the importer was in violation of importing counterfeit SD memory cards and trademark infringement. After an appeal, the High Court in Prague found in SD-3C's favor and upheld the first judgment, rendering a final judgment confirming that the memory cards seized by Prague Customs were counterfeit and ordered them destroyed.

SD-3C LLC is dedicated to the enforcement and protection of its intellectual property rights (IPR), and vigilantly protects its IPR from unauthorized use around the world.