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February 2015: German Customs Seize Counterfeit SD Memory Cards Entering the Town of Nordheim

On or about August 28, 2014, German Customs Officers located at the Leipzig Airport seized 700 microSD memory card and adapter sets being imported into the town of Nordheim by a local citizen. SD-3C LLC ("SD-3C") then filed a complaint against the individual for trademark infringement.

A further criminal investigation against the individual was carried out by the Customs Investigation Department of Stuttgart. Customs investigators located additional counterfeit SD memory cards in the possession of the individual, which were also confiscated.

On February 26, 2015, a settlement with the individual was reached and he was required to reimburse SD-3C $10,790 (approximately €9,505) for damages.

Finally, the counterfeit SD memory cards confiscated by Leipzig Customs Officers and Stuttgart Customs Investigators were destroyed.

SD-3C LLC is dedicated to the enforcement and protection of its intellectual property rights (IPR), and vigilantly protects its IPR from unauthorized use around the world.